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Sarah J. Kehr is a Pittsburgh native now living in Norfolk, Virginia.

By day, she’s a manager of marketing and communications where she’s learning to have a working relationship with numbers since she hasn’t taken a math class since high school. In the off hours, you can find her reading, writing, exploring Norfolk, traveling (whenever possible), spinning records, cooking, running or hanging with friends. She’s married to an incredible man who has loved her through her most awkward stages (braces, band camp, etc) and they have a one-eyed pug named Bert who is very spoiled.

Sarah categorizes herself as a tea and coffee addict and food and dessert enthusiast. If she could do it again, she’d bake for a living. However, she fell in love with stories and words and still would rather purchase books over shoes and clothing.

She’s grateful for boss ladies, the amazing community she’s found, friends and family, God and the beautiful ways he teaches us to give up control and trust in Him. She can’t wait to share words, life, and experiences with you.


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