Girlfriend therapy for life's journey. New episodes every Wednesday.


The Prodigal Sisters Podcast is an extension of Brett’s existing blog, The Prodigal Sister, where she talks about the importance of community and tackles topics that are relatable and so very meaningful to her readers.

We desire to create a sense of community with our listeners where we can get real about the simplest and most complex topics that ladies like us deal with on a regular basis.

We also hope to be a sense of encouragement as we all walk this journey to grace, learning to accept it from our God and ourselves while freely offering it to others. Here is a safe space where girlfriends like us can lay it all out there and support each other.

We may not be professionals, but we hope to offer you some girlfriend therapy. Because we all need some at some point. And there may be wine, tea, tears or laughter, but always, always there is love. Welcome!

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