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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Episode 29: Ice Cream for Your Ears...

Back at it again...

We know we took two breaks pretty close together, but it was for good reason. We made some plans! We’re releasing just a few more episodes before dear Brett has the cutest little boy (so soon!). We’ll be taking a bit of a break, so some of us (one of us…) can adjust to someone new and tiny. We’re also going to reset and think through what’s next for this on-air space. We’re excited! As for today's episode, it's time for our quarterly Casual Wednesday.

In  this episode:

  • We talk through what we’re liking, loving, trying, needing struggling and celebrating.
  • Sarah raves about this quiche recipe.


That’s what she said:

  • “I said that like such a white girl….salt and pepper.” -Brett
  • “We’re like ice cream for your ears!” -Brett
  • “I tried that countdown from 5 trick to prevent myself from eating a Reese’s egg. It doesn’t work.” -Christen Allocco, texting during recording.


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