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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Episode 26: When Conflict Rolls In

What is it about conflict that is so uncomfortable?

In our experience, it's not easy facing conflict, but things have always turned out better once it's addressed. It's a part of life, but why are we so conditioned to avoid it? We chat about the ins and outs of conflict, and we hope you'll weigh in on this one, too! At the very least to tell us who your favorite Disney princess is ;) (I promise you'll get it once you listen).

In this episode:

  • We come to the conclusion that it would be super helpful to have a conflict translator like Obama's anger translator
  • We talk about the definition of conflict, how we handle it, why we tend to avoid it, what leads us to it, how technology has affected it and more. We wrap it up with some tips for dealing with conflict.
  • One of our favorites from Dane Cook - Brain Ninja


That's What She Said:

  • "Your body is a wonderland, don't forget." -Sarah
  • "I do not like Aurora. She does nothing." -Brett
  • "Conflict is a clash of perspective." -Sarah
  • "When did we become such nerds? I woke up like this. Not flawless." -Brett
  • "I was glaring at her. But me glaring is like a puppy trying to look mad at a flower. But I had feelings!" -Brett
  • "Cellulite is my safety blanket." -Brett
  • "I'm a last-word girl." -Sarah
  • "Conflict is uncomfortable. And we're not taught to handle it as children." -Sarah
  • "Jog around that ish. We're not running through it." -Sarah

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  1. I am definitely enjoying your website. You definitely have some great insight and great stories.


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