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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Episode 25: Messing with God's Plans

Ever feel like you've messed with God's plan? Is that possible?

What great questions. In fact, we wrestle with them as well. For this episode, we decided to continue a discussion that started in our small group book discussion (we're reading From Tablet to Table by Leonard Sweet, by the way). We get pretty deep, and we don't have all of the answers, but we hope you'll come along and it'll help you think about some things and inspire you to start a discussion with some friends.

Ps. It's our 25th episode! Wow!

In this episode:

  • We discuss whether or not we have a strong sense of purpose, when we’ve been set on plans and they didn’t work out, if we’ve let God and our faith guide us in our decisions, when we’ve interfered and more. We wrap up with a chat about how we can practice listening for God.
  • Brett references this devotional.
  • We reference two previous episodes, so we thought we’d include them here: Let’s Get Spiritually Healthy and We’re Past Patiently Waiting.


That’s what she said:

  • “It’s ok, I’ve got lucky underwear on.” -Brett
  • “Sallie Mae is just a name for the devil.” -Sarah
  • “If we slow down enough, a little piece of you knows. I think it’s the Holy Spirit prompting us to lead our lives in a certain way.” -Brett
  • “The simplest thing I could think of is that Jesus calls us to love…and we can start there at the very basic level. If there’s a way to incorporate that into our life, and if we’re able to do that, perhaps we’re on the right path.” -Sarah
  • “Start the discussion. This whole podcast is about girlfriend therapy, grab some girlfriends and talk about purpose and encourage each other.” -Brett


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