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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Episode 21: Enjoying the Big Ones

Big life events mean change, and that usually means lots of emotions. 

In this episode that starts with a nod to our 21st episode and birthday shenanigans (i.e. Brett discusses the Zac Efron cutout that made an appearance at her 21st - obviously you don’t want to miss this), we talk about some of our big moments in life and the feelings and anxieties that we experienced along with some advice for making the most of these moments moving forward. It’s a fun episode where we get pretty personal, so we hope you’ll join the conversation and let us know how you’re processing and planning for big life events, too!

In this episode:

  • We talk about how we felt during specific big life moments (so you’ll get a sneak peak into some of the sweetest, most stressful moments of our lives. Lucky you!)
  • We discuss the stress surrounding these moments, whether or not society has enhanced this stress, what actually matters during these moments and some tips for remaining present and grounded.

That’s what she said:

  • “You have to have some stress to get you going, or else you’ll just sit and watch New Girl forever.” -Sarah
  • “Ra ra ah ah ah…your face.” -Brett
  • “There’s no crying in therapy.” -Brett
“No, there is crying in therapy. There’s no crying in baseball.” -Sarah
  • “I think, with these big life events, that’s the thing - it’s not necessarily the life event itself, but it’s all of the change and feelings that come with these big changes.” -Brett
  • The access that we have and the habits that we have of posting the pretty moments from our lives, especially these big moments, it activates comparison for us. It doesn’t help.” -Sarah
  • “Everything is going to be ok on the other side.” -Brett (fair warning - this sparks a mini Hamilton sing-a-long)


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