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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Episode 20: Grace for the Busy Season

Slow down.

Say "no." Set up boundaries. Reserve time for yourself. Chase slow.

But this isn't always reality.

And further, what's the difference between being busy and having a full life?

Whether you've learned to say no to outside influences in the interest of protecting your time and your sanity, there may be things that you're meant to do that might inconvenience you or make you uncomfortable.

In this episode:

  • Has busy become a badge of honor?
  • Is busyness a reflection of our social status?
  • Should you feel compelled to reply to an email from a coworker after 11 p.m.? And are they perceived as a harder worker than you?
  • Does the message to "chase slow" in today's Christian/Inspirational memoirs, self-help books and blogs work for everyone?

That's what she said:

  • "There is a danger in saying 'no' too much and too often." -Brett
  • "Are you an ENFP, Jesus?" -Sarah
  • "There's a difference between busy and chaos. What if busy just meant 'full?' What if it meant you had a full life and obligations to be a part of a community, be a faithful worker, friend, spouse?" -Brett
  • "I don't think God calls us to let everything fall off. You have a responsibility to your family, your job and your debts." -Sarah
  • "I want to continue to live a life of service." -Sarah
  • "Busy work versus Kingdom work: you can ask yourself will this edify myself or will this enrich the life of someone else?" -Brett
  • "A lot of the time Kingdom work is something that we don't feel like doing." -Brett


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