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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Episode 17: We're past patiently waiting

Patience is a virtue....or so they say. If you're anything like us, it doesn't come naturally.

Like when you find yourself mindlessly tapping your foot in the long checkout line at the grocery store or you want to rush your people out of the house because they're taking too long to get ready. Impatience creeps up on us unexpectedly, so recognizing that patience is a practice is important. This week we get right to it as we look at all things patience.

In this episode:

  • Just a little reminder to share with your friends and/or review us on iTunes.
  • The word “plug” sets Brett and Sarah into a gigglefest and a discussion about some pregnancy-related things…
  • We start with a pros and cons list about patience, talk about our American culture and how millennials deal with patience (hint: we’re not great at it), if lack of patience affects our mood or has caused us to make mistakes in our romantic or professional lives and some quotes from people wiser than us.
  • We also chat about if good things really come to those who wait and offer some practical tips for practicing patience.
  • Brett speaks a little Spanish for us.
  • The pants are mentioned once again.
  • These articles:
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That’s what she said:

  • “What a nugget.” - Sarah
  • “I gotta work the bump while I got it.” -Brett
  • “The people whom I respect the most probably have the most amount of patience for themselves and for others.” -Brett
  • “It [patience] allows you to absorb what’s in front of you by not rushing through life.” -Sarah
  • “You can Google anything, does that actually mean that you know things?” -Brett
  • “I think that this instant world that we find ourselves sort of attached to on a daily basis has totally taken away our ability to be patient with the things that have been a part of our world for a very long time.” -Sarah
  • “Maybe I’ve never actually been patient, I’ve only ever acted patient.” -Brett
  • “I’ve never regretted being patient, I’ve only ever regretted being impatient.” -Brett
  • “In terms of our Christian faith, the ultimate reward will be when Jesus comes, and so we have to have patience for that.” -Sarah

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