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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Episode 14: Practically Femperfect, Interview with Carly Samudre

We know that perseverance develops character. Which leads to hope.

That's what the Bible says, anyway.

But what do we do when life doesn't exactly go our way? When we have a master's degree and we wind up becoming a nanny for our day jobs? Or we're suffering the loss of a loved one? Or dealing with a chronic illness?

What happens when persevering is more than a Biblical buzzword and seems like an overwhelming hurdle to have to conquer?

Our first-ever guest, Carly Samudre of the Femperfect podcast is a therapist. That's right. We were lucky enough to have a real, live therapist to come on board for our girlfriend therapy.

Her story of where she's landed today required a bit of overcoming situational depression and learning to start where she was. Give her a listen, we know you'll grow greatly from what she has to say.

In this episode:

  • We deem Carly as the official Dr. Laura of PSP.
  • Carly describes the "AGE" metaphor: how anti-fragile, growth-mindset and embracing our journeys develops the growth of our soul.
  • Carly leads us through the idea of building your passion versus finding your passion.
  • How to keep a positive attitude in the midst of discouraging situations.
  • What having a "growth-mindset" actually means.
  • How perseverance cultivates gratitude (we're big believers of that around here).
  • How do we know when it's time to let something go? We have to ask ourselves three things: is it helping your relationship with yourself, with others and your relationship with God?
  • This video by Brene Brown on empathy v. sympathy.

That's What Carly Said:

  • "Sarah, get your life together."
  • "What if you could grow when you're stretched?"
  • "If we can remind ourselves that this is part of the journey, it's okay not to feel balanced and the best well-being all the time. Because the reality is that there are dips, and you're going to grow."
  • "I can choose to grow and make meaning out of this suffering."
  • "Nothing is wasted. And it's going to set you up for what you'll do next."
  • "Don't kill yourself over something. Find something new. Find another dream. Let this go."
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