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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Episode 13: The Clutter of our Lives

During this time of year, your life may feel cluttered in more ways than one.

Storing your (big) family’s Christmas presents in the guest bedroom. Looking at your cluttered calendar. Staring at the junk mail cluttering your dining room table. Trying to find space for every greeting card you ever received since they’re cluttering your office. Oh, sorry. That must be just Sarah’s issue (we get to that later).

As harmless as this easy accumulation of stuff may seem, it can wreak havoc on your ability to feel less anxious and think more clearly. In this week’s episode we get into the nooks and crannies of clutter and dust off our cleaning skills. Hope you’ll join and feel inspired to have an organized, clutter-less Christmas season (at least one of us will!). 


In this week’s episode:

  • We start this episode with good intentions to briefly touch on our Thanksgivings and the upcoming Christmas holiday, but quickly we spiral out of control into religious traditions, communion, etc. You know, classic Sarah and Brett. 

  • When you get through the first part, you’ll realize we do actually have a plan for this episode. And we begin to talk about clutter. Where do we struggle with it? Why? Where does it fall on the priority scale.

  • We chat about the expectations attached to having a clean house, etc. assigned to us by others and by ourselves.

  • How does not prioritizing order affect your well being? Physically? Mentally? We discuss. Brett reveals that clutter is actually a threat to her life when it becomes an obstacle on her way to the bathroom in the middle of the night…:)
  • You should get a Shark Vacuum. That is all.
  • Brett helps us out by citing some articles: How mess causes stress and Apartment Therapy.

That’s what she said:

  • “I’m getting our real life mixed up with our podcast life which means we’re real friends.” -Brett
  • “Does it like, poop it out in shapes?” -Sarah (about a cookie press, people)
  • “It’s easier for a camel to get through a cookie press than it is for a rich person to get to the Kingdom of Heaven. That’s from Matthew.” -Brett
  • “Those words were RED.” -Sarah
  • “I want to appear okay and put-together on the outside, but on the inside, it’s just kind of messy and crazy.” -Sarah
  • “You don’t want to be lazy in the bedroom…..that’s a place for WERK!” -Brett (yes, she blushes after she says this).
  • “I would always opt for the ‘fun thing’ rather than the thing that would probably make me a little bit more grounded and able to think more clearly and creatively.” -Brett
  • “At the very least, I may not accomplish anything that day, but guess what I did accomplish? I made my bed.” -Sarah

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