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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Episode Six: Procrastination

Do you have a problem with putting off adult-things?

Yeah, neither do we.

Actually, false. Did we fool you because we're so well put together?

If you're like us, you began procrastinating at an early age. Maybe you left a book report until the night before. Or completed a science project that was supposed to take six weeks over the course of a few days.

But then we grew up (respectively). And our procrastination sensationalism grew into bigger problems. Like engines locking up on the side of the road for lack of oil changes. Or missing theory exams to finalize a graduate degree.

Whether it's a fear of checking voicemail, wanting to start a blog, putting off writing wedding thank-you notes, we know procrastination can be a big-time struggle. So, we're here to help.

Just...uh. Do what we say. Not what we do.

And speaking of procrastination, have you been putting off writing us an iTunes review? This is a safe place, really, judgement-free zone. So no worries if you haven't. But we've been so honored by those of you who have already taken the time to write one for us. Leave us one and join our A-Team squad. Don't wait!

In this episode:

  • We share our most most devastating procrastination confessions, and for the record, it all started at a young age for both of us.
  • Brett lets you in on a secret to how she focuses in her work-life. Get the timer here.
  • This podcast on getting started and focusing on writing (or any other creative project).
  • This TedTalk on procrastination. Hilarious. And, also: ouch!

That's What She Said: 

  • "Yeah, so. I'm bad at things." -Sarah
  • "Bert did have a big year. He lost an eye. He gained weight. He has rolls. He's great!" -Sarah
  • "There are things that I fear doing and then there are things that I just. Don't. Want to do." -Sarah
  • "I would argue that people who procrastinate have a good work ethic." -Brett
  • "I'm going to put off starting this so I can put off failing." -Brett
  • "It's not a laziness issue, it's an emotional issue." -Sarah
  • "Oh my gosh. Jesus, fix us." -Brett

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