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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Episode Seven: Loyalty

What makes us fiercely loyal?

Loyalty can be lived out on different levels. On a more skim-the-surface level, we are loyal to brands, products, TV shows, bands, celebrities and more. On a deeper level, we're loyal to family members, friends and our significant others. This week we talk about the different kinds of loyal and dissect what makes us loyal, what's hard about it and so much more. We hope you'll join us on this wild ride of a conversation as we enter into our favorite brands and end with what it means to be loyal to our faith.

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In this episode:

  • Brett and Sarah discuss the different kinds of loyalty including some of their favorite brands including toothpaste, laundry detergent, hair product, etc.
  • Sarah reveals her beef with Zoe Deschanel and New Girl. 
  • Boy bands, anyone? Brett and Sarah talk the classic 90’s battles of NSYNC vs. BSB and Britney vs. Christina.
  • You’ll hear from our legendary producer/composer, Gordon and hear a recipe for ribs because, why not?
  • The girls chat about when you determine you’re loyal to someone, burns by your loyalty to others, loyalty in romantic relationships, when it’s hard to be loyal to someone or a group and when it’s hard to be loyal to faith.
  • This article and this article.

That’s what she said:

  • “Then she got all big and famous and too big for her britches.” -Sarah
  • “Sarah, I think you need to take a listen to last week’s episode on forgiveness.” -Brett
  • “I understand your loyalty to that man…” - Sarah
  • “Sometimes talking is hard. Writing is so much easier…you can’t backspace your talk!” -Brett
  • “I can say there are people in my life that I don’t talk to every day, in fact maybe I haven’t spoken to them in years, but I still feel a sense of loyalty to them.” -Sarah
  • “For someone who holds a grudge against a celebrity for divorcing another celebrity, I can’t identify a time that I feel like I have been specifically burned by my loyalty.” -Sarah
  • “When they get on you’re last, eva lovin nerve.” -Brett
  • “I feel like my loyalty to faith is what gets me through.” -Brett

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