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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Episode One: Oh, Hello There!

Hip-hip hooray! Our very first Prodigal Sisters Podcast episode is LIVE!

Best. Day. EVER! We're so excited to start this journey with you all, and we're thankful for the people who had the courage to jump right in with us.

Go ahead and give us a listen if you please!

In this Episode:

  • You'll learn how Sarah and Brett met and learn their first impressions of each other.
  • Sarah and Brett share their number one girl-crushes (oh heyyyy, Shauna, Emily, Kendra, Jacey and Maggie).
  • Sarah talks shop about her Gretchen Wieners hair.
  • The girls share the "whys" and "hows" of the Prodigal Sisters Podcast.
  • Sarah explains what she means when she says she'd, "rather eat a jar of pickles."
  • Brett learns the difference between cross guard and color guard.
  • The ladies share the correct pronunciation for their home city, Norfolk, Virginia.
  • Sarah confesses her love of Ira Glass and basically all silver foxes.

That's What She Said:

"The gap between college and where I am in my real adult life right now was widening, and I was lacking a lot of the in-person friendships that I needed for support." -Brett, on friendship post-college.

"I hate pickles. My husband loves them. And I use the expression, 'I'd rather eat a jar of pickles,' when I don't want to do something. It's not successful, but it still communicates my disdain." -Sarah

"I enjoy a good pickle every now and again." -Brett, on not what you think. Ahem.

"I just have one here called 'Shauna.' Just a bullet-point that says 'Shauna.' With a heart." -Sarah on her and Brett's similarities.

"Boomp-a-doom." -Brett


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