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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Episode Four: Good Advice, Bad Advice and Self Care

Have you ever received advice that really helped you out? 

Or bad advice that just really frosted your cookies?

In this episode we talk about the best and worst advice we’ve received and some of our listeners chime in as well! We also discuss the trendiness and dangers of self care. This episode tackles a lot, but we hope you’ll join us!

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In this episode:

  • Brett and Sarah talk about unsolicited advice and how they approach and receive it.
  • They source some of the best and worst advice they’ve ever received.
  • You learn a little about three fast food restaurants Sarah will eat at on road trips.
  • Brett shares why the Cartwheel app for Target is amazing.
  • Brett and Sarah elaborate on why being on time is being on time.
  • Brett questions the advice to watch Pretty Little Liars.
  • Brett and Sarah ponder the definition of self-care and why people might abuse it.
  • Brett shares Molly Shannon's new self-care ritual.

That's What She Said:

“Food for thought.” - Sarah
“Yum.” -Brett

“I don’t always think about the impact of my words until after they’re already out of my mouth.” -Sarah

“Being able to process and approach someone later about something that’s upsetting you is far more beneficial than trying to do it in the moment.” - Sarah

“It’s from, the Bible.” -Brett

“You can’t always resolve the big conflicts before you go to sleep at night, but you can talk about them later and keep them from becoming almost little battles within the big war…” -Brett

“If we want to be in a different place, sometimes we don’t see the opportunity in the present because we’re so much looking past it to see where we’re going to go.” -Sarah

“I’ve had a lot more opportunities afforded to me by staying in one place and getting a large breadth and depth of experience…” -Brett

“She told me to try Chipotle a few years ago and my life has literally never been the same." -Brett

“While I enjoy communicating, I don’t enjoy the pressure of having to be a rock star on every single social medium out there, ever, and I don’t think we should spend so much time that we consider it a part-time job to be successful.” -Brett

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